Air Jordan Retro XI “Concord” - Why the Hype killed the love of the game. 

Excuse me for my following rant…

The 2011 Jordan XI Concord release ended many die hard Jordan enthusiasts’ passion for sneakers. Many OG heads that been through the Niketalk and good old ISS are slowly getting rid of their Jordans. Why though? Well for many, the continuous blame for low quality materials while at the same time, the increasing the prices.

Second, you have the resellers. Those who say “You can’t blame the hustle” are the same ones who complain over and over about resellers. Never before has there been so many online “Big Cartel” shops that want to make an extra buck off a Retro. Several of my sneaker buddies are now resellers whom I used to chat regurlarly in forums. Back when there was absolutely no hype on every Kobe release. Back when the LeBron James signature line had no skittle looking, South Beach colorways. Back when Retro Jordans stayed available online for more than just 10 minutes. There was no twitter, no stupid blog to hype a limited colorway, no corny shoe customizers, no YouTube sneaker videos, nothing. It was a good time to be a sneaker head. Now, it’s a hassle just to buy a shoe that you like. Ever since the Concord release, every single Retro Jordan has sold out online and at my local malls. The Jordan 4 Cements, the Jordan 10 “Chicago”, and even the Jordan 10 “Stealths”…. ?! REALLY ?! … Yes, I’m aware that most Retro’s sell out eventually, but not minutes of release. Especially at a consistent rate.

But probably the biggest upset of them all, was because of the hundreds upon hundreds of early release pairs, also known as the Grey Sneakers (read more about it here via SoleSupremacy). Don’t get me wrong, these pre-release sneakers were around long before 2011, but the Concord definitely gave this variant industry a boost in sales and popularity. Many were walking in their icy blue soled Concords before Christmas just so they could avoid the madness. However, little did they know that the very pairs on their feet weren’t even inspected by Jordan Brand or Nike. Would they care? Probably not. Would I? Hell yeah. Would you brush your teeth with Colgate Toothpaste knowing that the company didn’t approve of it? I wouldn’t. I want my shoes straight from retailers knowing that it isn’t a Hong Kong variant.

Anyways, my point is that I envy those who started collecting sneakers before me. They didn’t have to deal with all this reseller, early release crap. Thankfully, I only plan to buy about six Jordan Retros throughout the year. By the way, if the Jordan Brand decides to retro the AJ XI “Breds” this upcoming Holiday, it’s going to be the worse sneaker release yet. 

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